Mr. Simon QIN (China Merchants Bank): Customized solutions make us unique

Simon QIN, deputy chief executive officer of China Merchants Bank Luxembourg Branch, presents his group’s solutions in the field of professional financial services in cross-border transactions, settlements, financing and M&A.

Can you present your banks activities from Luxembourg in a few words? 

Defined as the CMB group’s management and operation center in continental Europe, CMB Luxembourg Branch plays a critical part in the group global strategy. On the one hand, we provide professional financial services on cross-border transactions, settlement, financing and M&A in order to facilitate the exchange of merchandise, service, capital and asset between Europe and China. On the other hand, we provide customized solutions through our expertise and extensive resources in private banking, asset management, cross-border finance, and transaction banking to optimize global asset allocation and realize value growth for our clients. 

"We accompany our clients along all the process"

Could you name a transaction that you recently did which illustrates how Luxembourg in now integrated in your global strategy? 


Cross-border M&A business has always been one of our major focuses, where we accompany our clients along all the process, from the very beginning’s market research to the post M&A operation financing. Recently, for one of our clients in pharmaceutical industry, we issued highly confidential letter and commitment letter, granted sizable M&A loan, and set up an escrow account for relevant transaction arrangements. In that respect, Luxembourg has incomparable advantages in terms of geographic position, environment stability, fiscal policy, and professional services, which makes it an excellent portal for the European market. We have successfully hosted several M&A conferences and dedicated events in China to promote business development through Luxembourg, which helped our clients to get a better understanding of the numerous potentials. 

What is your first advice for Chinese people who just arrived Luxembourg? 

My advice is to take time to explore the two-sidedness of this quiet and energetic city. Flourishing nowadays with its long tortuous history, Luxembourg is like a splendid flower growing form an ancient monument. It’s hard to imagine that such a delicate and elegant nation could generate so much energy and momentum. The first thing you would notice in Luxembourg is the harmony, obvious yet well balanced, and the respect of life makes it a real corner of paradise. You may enjoy the modern life of the financial center and the multicultural atmosphere, and at the same time fall in love with the calm life of this sweet little town whenever you want. Walking along the Alzette, the stream is slowly flowing, the green grass on both sides are drifting in the wind. Sitting on the stone chair on the edge of the Valley, the ancient wall, on which the old vines are entwined, murmur silently about the past. 

What do you advise people going to China to do first? 

China is a vast country of great complexity and depth, yet it’s still evolving at a stunning speed, which enable the visitors to experience different layers from all kinds of perspectives. It’s a country which is hot, and cold; which is crowded, and empty; which is simple, and diversified. China is and has always been a nation looking forward. You may admire the unique spectacular natural wonders and also the monumental cultural heritages; you may also jump into the modern cities to sense the energetic pulse; or you could simply fit in the hidden villages to discover the rustic manners. You will find plenty of local people willing to share with you their stories and to help you whenever you need it. As for what to do first, it is clear: Eat! It would be a huge pity if you missed the real Chinese food, and this essential part of Chinese culture. You may not find the Orange Chicken, but you’ll discover a thousand new delicious regional dishes. No matter whether it’s fancy dishes in luxury restaurants or suspicious stall food in the night market, your only regret might be not trying more. Of course, witnessing the deep integration of the latest mobile technologies in China daily life comes as a close second. I refer here to experiencing the convenience and unlimited potential of using Alibaba platforms, throwing away your wallet as you pay everything through your phone, or simply organizing your trip into the tiniest detail just using the latest app in vogue. And many might add that failing to experience this aspect of China is failing to experience China at all. This is not only to enjoy the convenience and efficiency from every aspect of China, but also to take the very first step in understanding modern Chinese lifestyle and social form.