Mr. Gang PENG (China Construction Bank Europe S.A.) :Luxembourg’s role in global Chinese transactions 

Gang PENG, the chairman of the board of China Construction Bank(Europe) S.A (CCB Europe hereto), describes CCB’s involvement in the second largest acquisition project in the EU and the business strategy of CCB Europe. 

Can you describe your banks activities in Luxembourg in a few words? 

China Construction Bank (Europe) S.A. and China Construction Bank Luxembourg Branch were established in October 2013. CCB Europe is a major overseas center of CCB Group, and its head quarter is located in Luxembourg City, which is the financial center of Europe. In recent years, CCB Europe has opened five branches: Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Milan and Warsaw. CCB Europe is authorized to engage in all kinds of banking business, providing services for corporate clients from China and EU countries, including account services, FX, bilateral loans, club loans, syndication, project financing, M&A financing and debt capital market services. We are dedicated to a closer financial and economic cooperative relationship between clients in China, Luxembourg and the EU. 

"Dedicated to a closer financial and economic cooperative relationship between clients in China, Luxembourg and the EU.” 

Could you name a transaction that you recently did which illustrates how Luxembourg is now integrated in your global strategy? 

The LOGICOR acquisition by China CIC in 2017 was the second largest real estate investment in the EU, where CCB in Luxembourg played an essential key role. The deal fully demonstrates how important Luxembourg is in such global transactions for Chinese companies, as well as for CCB global services. We hope to maintain and develop our business strategy and keep providing our services to Chinese and EU clients. 

What is your advice for Chinese people who have just arrived Luxembourg? 

I suggest you to take a stroll in the Luxembourg city center. This UNESCO world heritage old town is one of Europe’s most scenic capitals. You’ll be delighted to discover the attractiveness. If you have more time, I suggest you to drive along the Moselle River, you will see spectacular beauty of hilly vineyards that, for 42 km, make up part of the border between Luxembourg and Germany. The Moselle Valley fulfills all the right conditions to produce the highest quality white wines. You can choose to spend a relaxing afternoon at one vineyard, sharing local food and tasting excellent white wine. 

What do you advise people going to China to do first? 

I suggest you visit Beijing, the capital of China. You can visit imperial palaces, the inspiring Great Wall and the magnificent Forbidden City, etc. You also have the opportunity to taste famous Peking duck and delicious food from every corner of China. Beijing is the cultural heart of the country too. With top-class museums, galleries galore, the mystique of Peking opera, which can easily keep you busy day and night. In the meantime, I hope you can experience the Chinese development of speed and convenience of life: high-speed railways, electronic payments, shared bicycles and online shopping. I also invite you enter into CCB“Smartness Bank” enjoy super, unmanned financial services.