Bernard Moreau (Labgroup): Get your data ready for 2020

As a company whose core business is structured around secondary storage solutions, Labgroup knows the challenges organisations are facing when it comes to managing their documents and data efficiently. Bernard Moreau, CEO, Labgroup explains how to get your data ready for 2020. 


Can you briefly describe Labgroup?

Labgroup is a Luxembourg-based company that provides document management, digital transition and secondary storage solutions to national and international organisations, for over 40 years. Secondary storage is used in particular for the preservation of critical and non-critical data in the long term, with instant recovery in the event of an outage that would have a negative impact on the daily business. Data represents a vital resource for organisations, and the exponential increase in its volume leads to growing storage needs. Labgroup helps organisations to store and recover this information securely while complying with external regulations. 

“We offer secondary data management solution, allowing client’s data to be consolidated on a single distributed platform.” 

How do you organise your services?


We provide tailor-made solutions to many international clients, including Chinese companies, and we are active in the banking sector. Instantaneous online access to archived data as well as user-friendly digital onboarding processes for remote clients are critical points, especially for international banks and insurance companies. Companies need instant and secure access to their confidential information. Companies in the financial sector must comply with numerous regulations. GDPR requires companies to set up data retention procedures for personal data to avoid over retention. Labgroup offers consultancy services regarding archiving policy and information management, helping them to remain compliant while archiving, destroying or digitising their documents or data with a certified solution. Oursolutions are PSF compliant and hosted in Labgroup’s infrastructure in Luxembourg, in a private cloud model.

What are the main challenges companies are facing in 2020?


First of all, digital transformation. Current tendencies show that we are rapidly moving towards the paperless office. Companies need to produce less paper by automating their internal processes for faster and safer management of their invoices, contracts, or mails. With Labgroup’s end-to-end digital transition solutions (data capture, workflow management, e-signature and electronic archiving), clients prevent documents from being tampered with while keeping the information safe according to regulatory requirements. We provide an ultra-secure electronic “vault” that complies with the law on electronic archiving which defines the PSDC (Provider for Digitisation and Archiving Services) status, enabling Labgroup to protect electronic copies of paper documents and data with legal value. 


Secondly, cybersecurity & data resilience. Companies have multiple copies of their data and tend to transfer some of their secondary data to the cloud. The multiplication of various locations on which company’s data is stored makes their centralised management complex. Labgroup offers a secondary data management solution, allowing client’s data to be consolidated on a single distributed platform. The company can control and protect their data with an almost immediate restoration, wherever the data is located.