Dear Friends, 

Dear Colleagues,

In cooperation with 360Crossmedia, it is our pleasure to present CHINA #4, the fourth edition of our magazine dedicated to China.

Since the third edition, the relationship between China and Luxembourg has continued to strengthen. 


The year 2019 was particularly momentous for bilateral relations between our two countries, particularly in terms of engagement under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and support for regional infrastructure development. Most notably, a bilateral MoU for cooperation on the BRI was signed between China and Luxembourg, Luxembourg hosted the first annual meeting of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) outside Asia, and the Chengdu-Europe Express Railway connecting Bettembourg and Chengdu was launched.


Said engagement was exemplified by the visit of Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and Luxembourg’s official missions to China last year. The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce visited Zhengzhou, Shanghai and Nanjing during the Trade Mission to China, which focused on logistics, e-commerce, import and export of consumer goods and innovation. We were delighted to support the mission, especially within the context of the growing relationship between Nanjing and Luxembourg. Last year, in addition to visiting Nanjing, the China-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (CHINALUX) signed an MoU for the Nanjing-Luxembourg Overseas Coordination Innovation Center and hosted delegations from Nanjing in Luxembourg. 


Furthermore, Luxembourg continues to be well-recognised as a leading financial centre, a cross-border investment hub and a gateway for Chinese financial institutions to the EU. The Luxembourg for Finance mission to China last year highlighted the close ties between China and Luxembourg in the financial industry. Moreover, alongside the mission, the first representative office in China of a Luxembourgish bank was opened in Beijing.


Looking to cultural ties, the China Culture Center in Luxembourg opened their doors for the first event at the centre, and the Confucius Institute at the University of Luxembourg organised numerous activities, including a range of language courses, offering additional opportunities to engage with Chinese language and culture in Luxembourg. 


Last year CHINALUX appointed a new leadership team. We look forward to the coming years under the new leadership, to create and showcase new directions and visions, and to continually seek avenues through which to assist and support the business of the China-Luxembourg community. 

In this fourth edition of CHINA, you will discover articles by leading China-Luxembourg dignitaries, representatives and experts. As this magazine thrives on our community’s contribution, we keenly encourage your participation, and look forward to continually learning from your expertise and knowledge in future editions.


Yours sincerely,

Ms. Zhujun (King) XIE

President, CHINALUX